Utility Player

Wikipedia tells us that “in baseball, a utility player is a player who can play several different positions”. My all-time favorite example is Bill Hall‘s 2010 season with the Boston Red Sox as a “super-utility” player, where he played all but two positions including an impressive outing as a closing pitcher who retired all three batters he faced armed only with a fastball.

These days I’m feeling a bit like a utilityman. As a special educator, I already perform the role of instructor, case-manager, paraprofessional supervisor, and advocate. I also perform all of my school’s basic psycho-educational testing. Add to that student¬†adviser, and for the next 8 weeks- part-time classroom science teacher. When I lay it all down like that it seems overwhelming, but I know I’m not alone..

If you look at any teacher do they just play one position? Read about teacher roles and responsibilities anywhere and you’ll see that they fulfill many; instructor, assessor, manager, surrogate parent. I was told in teacher training that this career would be unlike any other but it’s only just hit me how true that that is.