Summer Reading

I’m going a little hard with the professional reading this summer. Here are my picks.

Teaching Word Recognition

Explicit Instruction

The Differentiated Classroom

Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom

This is me focusing on getting two aspects of my special educator game on lock; direct service with a focus on reading, and coaching general education teachers in practices that facilitate inclusion. I hope to spend more time in general education classrooms this coming year compared to the past, so I want to come prepared.

But wait! There’s more!

I am going to re-read How Teachers Can Turn Data Into Action, so I can help make our weekly team meetings more productive and focused on student learning. From talking with other teachers last week about teacher leadership, this is a very common issue in schools. And with the emphasis in the VT MTSS framework on using “research based problem solving approaches” to make decisions, I think this would be a valuable contribution to the school’s goals. (also, it’s part of a project for my master’s degree program)

On the fun side of things I’ve been reading Seveneves. I’m a huge Neal Stephenson fan. Snow Crash is the book that turned me on to reading. I get the feeling that Seveneves connects to Anathem and that’s really been driving my interest. The importance of making predictions!

And as always I have Meditations close by. Stay virtuous!

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