Where To Look: Games and Learning

You’ve taken an interest in games and learning…

Suggested Readings

The Game Believes In You – an excellent introduction to the intersections of games and learning.

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy – the seminal text explaining what is compelling about video games and what could make school equally compelling.

The Multiplayer Classroom – a primer for teachers looking to add a game layer on top of the action in their classroom.

Rules of Play – the 700 page bible of game design.

Around The Web

Video Games and Learning, Coursera – a wonderful course from UW-Madison, delivered by two instructors on the leading edge of the study of games and learning.

Playful Learning – professional development and networking for teachers interested in GBL.

Playforce – a searchable database of digital games with educational value.

Classcraft – a commercial roleplaying system designed for school.

View On YouTube

Gaming can make a better world – fascinating TED talk by Jane McGonigal.

Made With Play – video series from Edutopia.

ExtraCredits: Games in Education – “because games matter”.

’90s Kids Play Oregon Trail As Adults – one of the very first educational digital games, revisited.

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List: Teachers Who Have GAME


Bernard Suits defined playing a game as “a voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles”. I think many students view school as an unnecessary obstacle, but they will voluntarily shell out $60 to play a game. That’s right! They’ll pay money for the chance to do tough cognitive work!!

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